Missouri Licensure for Hospice Care

Any person or other entity desiring to provide hospice care and be labeled a hospice must be licensed by the Missouri Department of and Senior Services. Any person or entity, which exacts no charge, shall be exempt from licensure. Read more on licensure requirements.

Missouri Licensure

Spiritual Counselor Defined 
Hospice Program Operations: 19 CSR 30-35.010 – 30-35.030  (state)
HCFA Guidelines for Hospice Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities
FAQ About Inpatient Facilities

Home Care and Rehabilitative Standards

Safeguards services provided through certified and/or licensed home health agencies, hospice programs, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facilities (CORF) and providers of outpatient physical therapy or outpatient speech pathology (OPT/OSP) through:

  • Conducting on-site inspections of these agencies for Medicare certification and/or state licensure compliance. This process includes issuing state licenses for the operation of home health and hospice agencies.
  • Investigating allegations of inappropriate patient care.
  • Maintaining a complaint hotline for the purpose of receiving questions about home health agencies and/or hospices or for patients to lodge complaints concerning their agency or quality of care provided.

Hospice Advisory Council

The Hospice Advisory Council, established by Missouri licensure, shall guide, advise and make recommendations to the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). The council consists of five members who have experience with hospice. The director of the DHSS appoints members of the council.

Missouri Hospice Licensure and Medicare Oversight

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Home Care and Rehabilitative Standards
PO Box 570
Jefferson City, MO
Phone: 573-751-6336

Home Health/Hospice Hotline

800-392-0210 (to be used for filing complaints)

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Home Care and Rehabilitative Newsletter

Forms and Resources

Hospice Medicare Certification and State Licensure (Certification)

Federal Interpretive Guidelines

Hospice (State Operation Manual – Appendix M)