Midwest Regional Conference Updates!

Greetings all!


As the Midwest Regional Conference moves closer we are working on getting the conference registration open.  We expect that to be around the 1st of August.  We are developing new software so that needs to launch in order for us to do so.

In the meantime, you can make your hotel reservations and review the Conference Brochure with the link below!  You can begin to highlight the sessions you would like to attend and check out the entire schedule.  If you are an exhbitor you can go to our annual conference page to download the exhibit application or review the sponsorship opportunities!!  https://www.missourihospice.org/programs-services/annual-conference/

We look forward to seeing you all in Springfield!.

Conference Brochure Link:


Keynote Speakers 

Monday – October 28, 2024

Jamey Boudreaux, LMHPCO Executive Director – LMHPCO’s 25 year (and counting) of Prison Hospice Support Projects

Jamey Boudreaux has led the Louisiana Mississippi Hospice & Palliative Care Organization since its founding in 2001.  Prior to his work with LMHPCO, he worked with the Louisiana Hospice Organization for 3 years.  He was trained as a hospice social worker and bereavement coordinator from 1993 until 1998 before assuming the role of executive director of the state’s professional hospice association.  He has an undergraduate degree in political science and graduated degrees in theology and social work.  He lives at the end of Bourbon Street and advocates not only for better end of life care within corrections, but for greater patient safety with state and local Emergency Managers and Responders, especially during hurricane season, as well as educating hospice providers on ways to do a better job of caring for Veterans and Kiddos along the Gulf Coastal states of the country.


Tuesday – October 29, 2024

Shelly Henry, RN, CPHRM, CHPN Bridging the Staffing Gap:  Insights from the Hospice Nurse Surve

Shelley Henry, RN, CPHRM, CHPN, is a distinguished figure in the field of hospice nursing, boasting over 22 years of unparalleled expertise spanning various roles from frontline caregiver to Executive Vice President of Corporate Compliance. Renowned for her unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of end-of-life care, Shelley stands as a beacon of advocacy and innovation within the hospice community.

Throughout her illustrious career, Shelley has demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for hospice staffing and documentation, earning her recognition as a foremost authority in these critical areas. Her profound understanding of the nuances of hospice care is reflected in her role as a keynote speaker, where she shares invaluable insights on a diverse array of hospice-related topics with audiences worldwide.

As the Owner and President of The Amity Group, Shelley leads an innovative staffing firm dedicated exclusively to serving the hospice sector. Under her visionary leadership, The Amity Group has emerged as a trailblazer in providing tailored staffing solutions that meet the unique needs of hospice organizations.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Shelley is a prolific author, having penned two seminal works on hospice documentation. Her contributions extend beyond the written word, as she is also recognized as an innovative product developer, spearheading the creation of essential tools and resources designed to optimize hospice care delivery.

As a sought-after hospice development and design consultant, Shelley lends her expertise to organizations seeking to establish or enhance their hospice programs. Her passion for education is evident in her role as a dedicated hospice educator, where she imparts knowledge and best practices to aspiring professionals entering the field.

At the heart of Shelley’s endeavors lies a profound commitment to preserving the art of hospice care. This ethos is exemplified in her creation of the groundbreaking Hospice Nurse Your Opinion Matters Survey, a pioneering initiative aimed at amplifying the voices of hospice nurses and driving positive change within the industry.

In every facet of her multifaceted career, Shelley Henry embodies the epitome of excellence, dedication, and compassion, leaving an indelible mark on the field of hospice nursing and inspiring countless individuals to uphold the highest standards of care for those nearing life’s end.